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OK heres my question I have this msi k9n platinum motherboard worked great shut down one day the no boot or display or anything next time? everything runs and fans spin just doesn't boot, i've changed out everything with good known working parts but still nothing. just discovered today too that a hard drive will spin up if its not plugged into ide if it is nothing. any help?
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  1. You have reset BIOS to defaults?
  2. cant even get to bios nothing but a black screen?? pulled the battery and all?
  3. If the PSU has been tested then most likely the motherboard died.
  4. but everything runs when I turn it on is the confusing part?
  5. MSI is rubbish get a decent motherboard
  6. I've got a way better machine personally this is just a can I fix it problem, if i can find out whats not letin it work I'll cut it off the board and re solder it
  7. thats why I narrowed down the problems like i said dont know why the ide hard drive or cd rom doesnt spin when its pluged into ide but without the ide it does?
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    If the chip set (the controllers) on the board is not working other items would still get power. It is a bad board cheap replacement would be the easiest fix.
  9. ultimately what I was leaning towards!
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