9800gx2, No Signal to the monitor(display)

Everything was fine. Last Night i turned off my computer. Today when i turned it on. I couldnt see the display(The Monitor light is blinking, it gets green when the display is fine). I had been playing multiple games lke BF BC2, Cod4,GTA IV from almost 4 months. The Card Was Fine. But now i cant see any display on the monitor.The Light Keeps blinking. It used to turn green when it was fine. I've tried reconnecting the GPU to the motherboard a couple of times. Restarting the Computer, Turning it off and back on again and again. I've tried reinsterting the ports which connect the gpu to the psu too. The Light on the ports are all green. The Light on the back-side of my GPU is green too. From few threads i've seen that it gets blue when the monitor cable is attatched. But from what i remember it has always been green.

750 Watts (12V=22A,12V=22A i know the card needs a bit more but it worked few months fine)
i've never overclocked my card

I've tried connecting my 8500 gt to this pc but it worked fine(it doesnt need external power from the psu and works from the one being provided by the motherboard.

i dont have anyother pc to test the card on... so gotta wait a few days

i've tried connecting the monitor cable to both of the ports(dont have that small cable used for TV)

Please Please Help me, is it dead? :(
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  1. First of all, 750 Watts should be plenty of power for your system. It's hard to say if it's dead, but that's a possibility. You may need to try a different monitor first to rule that out. Also, you may want to reset the BIOS memory by resetting the CMOS jumper pin on your motherboard. If that doesn't work, I would backup your files and reinstall the Operating System.

    Other than that, it's hard to give any more troubleshooting advice without spending any money or taking a look at your system. Hope one of these works for you!
  2. He can't back up files or reinstall the OS if he can't use the monitor... If you're not getting any beep error codes, then it may be a bad video card. If the motherboard has on-board video, pull the card and test that...but I don't think it has on-board video. You have two choices, borrow or buy another video card and test it yourself, or take the machine to your local computer repair store. It's going to cost you some money either way, but you might take your lack of computer repair skills out of the equation and get it fixed correctly!
  3. If you get video during boot, but not during windows, try flipping which port on the GX2 the output is connected to. Only one of the 9800GX2's ports will display in a Windows setup, where the second will display only the BIOS/bootup text. And from past experiance, the ports will sometimes switch for no apparent reason...

    Also: Do you get video in safe mode?
  4. i;ve tried resetting the bios. It didnt work. i cant install a new os or log in as safe mode as i see no display, there is no vga in my motherboard. Any other suggestion is welcomed. I'll take it to the shop after my exams, is it dead? or some ting else
  5. err, anyone with any-other solution?
  6. i just read this <.<....well i have a gigabyte 9800gx2 and when i connect it to the mb with the 8pin and 6pin all 3 green lights turn on...i either cant remember having a blue light when dvi detected but i have the same problem...i know my pc reaches windows because of "windows sounds" through my speakers but on monitor i have no signal....which is weird cause if the videocrd was faulty the pc should not post....on the other side when i plug my 5830 ati it boots normally with video signal....i had the 9800gx2 working for about 6 months in that pc (asus p5e3 deluxe) until one day while gaming monitor went black and when i reseted the pc never turned on again....i wish there was a fix for this U_U
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