Sound Blaster x-fi extream audio sb1040 problames

hi everyone I bought this card for movies and games and after connecting it to the digital spdif I realized it doesn't have encoder and its the only passable card of x-fi series that doesn't support the dts ddl connect!!!!!!!

I am stuck with lame pcm from games!
I manage the movies to work fine using the cccp witch is not compatible by bsplayer witch is sucks.

so my qastions is

1 there is any software that money or not can buy to encode games to pass-through 5.1 digital dts or ddl?

2 if I cant get 5.1 using digital anyway so it is possible to get it analog 5.1 to my reciver? if it can be done I will do it I don't really care for the digital.

my equipments:

sound blaster:

jvc receiver ax-5032v$T2eC16d,!w0E9szN,F+2BQlmLgC!Qw~~48_20.JPG

thank you very match!!!
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  1. I would try the analog route first to see if that helps, otherwise get rid of the card, there are lots of bad reviews on it.
  2. I have to admit I have no clue for what you meant

    what is analog route and why the hell do I need to get rid of this card? O_o

    it may not have encoding on it but it great for music

    and can someone please try to help me with how to get 5.1 with what I have I just buy this card and I'm not intend to replace it so soon..
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