Intel DH55HC temperature problem

Hello, my first post.

I've just upgraded from an Intel D946GZis - C2D E6600 to DH55HC - i3 540. Win 7 64, updated BIOS and drivers, 8GB 1333 memory.
No overclocking.

Idling, the CPU temp is fine at about 35C, but PCH temp is constant at 59C.Besides, CPU temp with load rises to about 55C and fan(s) speed doesn't changes.
Is that normal?

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  1. It is well inside the operating limit of the CPU. Check in BIOS what options you have for fan settings.
  2. rolli59

    The CPU is OK, but what about the PCH ? Or is that a reading error? (I've sen in another forum the same PCH temp).
  3. Thanks.

    Looking at your link, to me it's obvious the temp reading of the PCH is broken. Mobo at 13C and PCH at the very same 59C I've seen in another forum!
  4. Update:
    I understand overall temp is OK, solid capacitors (as used in the voltage regulators) are high temp devices, but I don't like hot components if I can avoid it.
    So I used Speedfan (freeware)

    to speed up the fan a bit (from 1100 to 1500 RPM), still very quiet but helped a lot when running CPU benchmarks or converting videos.

  5. Hi, I have the same board and processor. My PCH temp is also fixed at 59 deg.

    But my idle CPU Temp is 42 - 45 degrees

    And motherboard VR Temp is 43 degrees

    And fan speed too is quite slow at 1100 - 1200...
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