Wireless keyboard and mouse (bluetooth/rf?)

Looking for a gaming worthy wireless keyboard and mouse.

I have a HTPC and the MX3200 keyboard and mouse.
keyboard and mouse: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/433/140.
display: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/detail/supportPrdDetail.do?menu=SP01&prd_ia_cd=&prd_mdl_cd=&prd_mdl_name=LN52A650A1F

However, I need a new keyboard and mouse. The range for the MX3200 is only about 8-10 feet and I sit in the 8-12 feet range. Furthermore, I've been less than happy with the response time of the MX3200 mouse.

From others recommendations to improve performance I switched to using native windows mouse and keyboard drivers and turned my display to "game mode". This has greatly improved performance but there is still a noticeable difference--which is lethal in FPS games--between wired and wireless.

Bluetooth appears to have the greatest distance but I'm ignorant to the differences (mainly performance differences) between Bluetooth and RF. Anyone willing to share their expertise in wireless keyboards and mice (beyond the mundane) or point me to a good article or paper, would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to lay the heavy details on me. I'm a software/systems engineer.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would steer clear of wireless mice. Even if there were no input lag, the added weight and hassle of batteries would be another annoyance. I would just pick up a wired one. I'm currently using a Logitech MX518, never had issues with the wire either if you're worried about that.
  2. Emperus said:
    I would steer clear of wireless mice.

    That not an option with 12 feet of distance between my computer and myself as well as an anal retentive wife when it comes to cords strung across the living room.

    Emperus said:
    Even if there were no input lag, the added weight

    Weight? :lol: the thing weighs less than a pound. Any added weight is negligible as long as you are not a decrepid old man.

    Emperus said:
    and hassle of batteries would be another annoyance.
    The batteries for my MX3200 mouse need replacing once every six months, if that. Hardly a hassle, but yes, I would prefer never having to change them.
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