Problem with 3 monitors at the same time using D-Port

Hi all, firt of all, sorry for my english it's not my natal language..

I have running win7 64, my graphic card is radeon hd 5450 pci-e with: 1 dvi, 1 vga and 1 display port and i have 2 monitors tft using the vga and dvi port.

And the problem comes when i want to use the display port to connect a tv samsung serie 5 32550 with hdmi cable conected to an hdmi-displayPort adapter.

When i plug the tv, windows install it, but don't let me change the default resolution (640x480), and the tv can't work with that resolution.

I don't know if this help but Windows detect the tv as Generic monitor no PnP.

I don't know why i can't change the resolution, or i'm wrong and i can't use a display port to connect a tv?
i want three independent monitors to extend the desktop to all

Thank you all, have a nice day!
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  1. It will probably work if you use one monitor and the TV, but I think the card has a Maximum resolution it can provide over three monitors. However, you may want to hook it to the VGA/RGB port on your TV (if you have one) and see if that works first.
  2. No way, i try to use one monitor and the tv, and the tv alone, and didn't work, the problem is the same, i can't change de resolution,

    I find this: when i go to the properties adapter widow, they tell me there are 3 valid modes, but all are 640x480, i think this is the problem, how can i add modes or somthing like that? need another drivers? it's because the graphic card didn't work fine?
  3. Did you install drivers for your TV on your computer? If you have not done that it is just going to think that you have generic TV and therefore limited resolution.
  4. hi rolli59 i search for tv drivers, but i can't find nothing i have the samsung le32b550a5wxxc do you know any place when i can find the drivers?
  5. when i try to install the latest version of firmware tell me he can't and then i look better and the tv already have installed the latest version of firmware, i think the problem is with the windows driver don't you?

    i don't know what to do more, help me people plis
  6. Here is another thread with the same issue maybe it is your solution. I do not know enough about passive and active adapters to comment on the suggested solution.
  7. You might need to go into the Samsung setup and change the HDMI input to PC.

    I have read about something like this somewhere in the forum, but don't have the desire to search for it.

    Google: "Samsung change HDMI to PC" and it might help you.
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