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Hey Guys,

I am hoping to build a new gaming PC this summer, and I am currently in the process of deciding on components for the build.
I'm figuring out the case right now, and I thought I would look here for some ideas and recommendations.
I want a mid-tower case that-
1) is reliable and as future-proof as possible
2) looks good
3) has good cooling
4) room, etc.

- in that order.

I would like to have a case with room for the future as graphics cards will only get bigger, but this is not the most important.

I'm seriously considering the CoolerMaster Storm Scout, because of it's great pricepoint, cooling, handles, and awesome looks.
Other options are the Antec 900 (or 902), but everyone has those :). I would like to keep it under or around $100.

What case do you have and why do you like/dislike it?

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  1. The good news is, you win either way.

    I'm a big fan of both Antec and Cooler Master cases. If I building a new system right now, my personal preference would be the Storm Scout. (But not because of any fault of the Antec... just personal preference.)
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    Storm Scout is not a good case for large cards. It won't fit cards like the 5970. I don't have much to say about Antec because I' bias. I'm a big fan of their cases.

    I would recommend the Cooler Master 922 at the $100 price range, though. It is better than all the three you have listed for size and performance.
  3. Would it be realistically possible to cut out a bit of the case (with a dremel or something) to fit a larger card?
  4. That is always an option!! :)
  5. The HAF 922 looks good and has slightly better reviews than the Storm Scout. So I would probably consider it, but I've just got to decide if I want to spend that much more.
  6. Just remember, a case like the Cooler Master HAF 922 will last a build or two more. Think of the purchase as an investment into your build future. :)
  7. So I was debating between the Storm Scout and the HAF 922, and I was browsing facebook, when I saw that the Newegg fan page had posted a discount code for the HAF 922 - for 50% off!! So I went ahead and bought that, which now will cost less than the storm scout would have ($75 vs $125 originally, and $95 for storm scout). So I'm very excited - can't wait to get the case and use it for my build!
    Very lucky to see that discount right when I needed it.
  8. Great buy and a great case! :)
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