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whenever i try to open my portable hard drive it comes up with a "O/I error" how can i go about fixing this without loosing any files from the drive, and im not sure about talking it to someone to fix it cause they might find a couple thinks on there that shouldnt quite be there if you know what i mean..
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  1. Call the tech support for your brand. See what they say. In my opinion, usually those kinds of errors mean the drive need to be RMA.
  2. its a 500 GB WD

    whats RMA?
  3. RMA is Return Merchandise Authorization. Meaning you should return it and get a new one (if it's still under warranty).
  4. the drive itself works fine, its all the files on there that dont work, and there is no way id send the drive to them with whats on there, i want to fix it so i can keep all the files i have on the drive
  5. I understand.

    Okay just go through this checklist and see how it works out for you:
  6. ok ill give it ago, thanks
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