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Alrighty wanted to ask im sure im right ( for 24/8 pin) power supply do they both get plugged in into the motherboard or are they seperate and if they are suppose to be both plugged in could that cause my display not to respond on my monitor
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  1. Yes, that could cause your display to not show anything. The 24 pin needs to be connected to the motherboard, while the eight pin (or four pin sometimes) needs to be connected to the CPU. If you have a graphic card, you will need to place the six or eight pin PCI-E connectors into the card if it requires any.
  2. You need them both plugged in, the 8 pin provides power to the CPU and the 24 pin powers the motherboard. If you left off the 8 pin that would cause you to not get anything on your monitor.
  3. i have 5870 2 x6 power plugs into it and not sure what u mean in that sentence about replacing
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    You will need to plug both six pin PCI-E connections into the graphics card as well.
  5. yep they are only one that isnt plugged in is the other 8 pin from psu didnt want to short circuit something so wanted to ask about it
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