ASUS Rampage 3 Extreme - Dead Motherboard or Memory?


To start off, I am not very good at "computers". I have only built two from scratch and my first one went smoothly with no errors at all. This second one... well i have gotten nothing but errors.

Now, some information about my system. I am running the Asus Rampage III Extreme motherboard with 12 gigs 2x6) of G Skill Trident DDR3 2000 RAM.

I originally tested the system on Memtest86 with all 6 sticks in the 6 slots and got a couple of errors. To hone in on the errors, I tested each stick separately in slot A1. Each stick made 2 passes without error.

Do you think that my motherboard has dead RAM slots?

I would love any advice on how to further test this, as well as comments.
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  1. Shameless bump as any help would be welcomed. Thanks again!
  2. Dear bearden314,

    Well its not a bad dimm slot its a memory problem that i have bin through with my G.SKILL set too i have this set F3-12800CL7T2-12GBPI (2Gx6) 1600MHZ DDR3 TRI CHANEL, all u have to do is to remove ur RAMS sticks dust the ram sockets make sure u attached the RAM sticks firmly in place and by order there is serial numb on each stick follow these numbs they start from 0 to 5 i mean the serial numb on each stick ends up by 0 till 5 put the o one near the START BUTTON on ur RAMPAGE III EXTREME & from there all the rest i have the same Board & the same prob even i had probs that my BIOS & OS don't see the RAMS as a set of 12 gigs after each restart i get different readings sometimes 4 sometimes 2 & some other 6 untill i did all this
    once u finish ur RAMS u must have a fresh BIOS VERSION on ur desktop to flash ur old one to the latest one p.s im deep into this BOARD i got to tell u TRIDENT series is not compatible with X58 Platforms u should read ur QVL List of Memory before buying any hope i was helpful ill be waiting ur reply t.c man bye bye.
  3. also, check for bent pins on the cpu socket.
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