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I just purchased a Coolmaster Storm scout case, And it comes with a "LED" switch, to turn on and off the LEDs with the fans...

However, The fans don't LIGHT UP, the switch doesn't work at all... I'm wondering if i maybe wired it wrong, but im not sure what wire it is to begin with..

So i ask, Can someone help with details of what wires i should put where to make this feature work? The FANS RUN, The lights do not, And they don't go on/off like they should.

Thanks guys, :)
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  1. I havent used that particular case - but I would asume that the molex connector to the fan also powers the LED - do the fans start up ? are they connected to the mobo or direct to the PSU ?
  2. I ahve the Sniper, you need to wire in the little balck connectors to the mobo.

    THey are little, look liek humper cables.

    EDIT: Jumper, not Humper lol.
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