Crashing and other issues due to video card

Hey guys. I was playing a game yesterday (World of Warcraft), and my computer turned off while playing. I wasnt able to power on my computer until i unplugged my video cards (I have 2 9800 gt running in sli).

I decided to try taking out card 1 completely, and moving card 2 into its place, to see if it would boot up. It did, and it runs perfectly fine with the one card. I noticed the card i removed was very hot, possibly the fan on it isn's working properly? Do I need to download new drivers?

I know it could possibly be alot of different things, but any help would be appreciated. Also want to add that I hadn't been gaming on this computer for quite a while, and it was the first time I had played this particular game (Lich King exp) on my computer.

evga nforce 750i sli ftw mobo
intel core 2 qaud q6600
2x 2gb(4g) ocz fatality ddr2 1066mhz
2x xfx geforce 9800gt
750 watt ps
vista 64 bit ultimate
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  1. Then swap your 1st card to the 2nd position and your 2nd card to the 1st position, see if your problem still exist or not...
    It probably one of your card is dying or broke.
    About PSU, what brand? model?
  2. Trying each card individually will tell you if the problem is hardware or software (drivers)
  3. I tried putting the other card back into the 2nd slot, and attaching the sli connecter. The computer won't boot up at all. So I would guess this card is dead, luckily its under warranty. My PSU is ultra, model LSP750, is it possible its a power supply issue?
  4. The PSU is big enough so it is unlikely but you could check the second card by it self (not in SLI) and that would tell you for sure.
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