Re-imaging OS from a 5400rpm HDD to a SSD

Re-imaging OS from a 5400rpm HDD to a SSD:

So I just bought a new SSD to drop in my laptop, and I want to put my operating system on it for obvious reasons, but I'm not sure the best way to re-image it over. Some said to just make restore cd's and put it on that way, but someone mentioned copying the disk image over somehow just from drive to drive. My question is, is that possible, how to if it is, and is there maybe a better method I've yet to discover? If anyone knows of a link to a "How-to" guide on the best possible way I'd love to start with that. Or if it's as simple as a windows operation, just explain it here.

* Hope this is posted in the right section. I wasn't sure where else to put it.
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    although it is possible to clone the hdd to ssd, it is not recommended. you should install the OS from scratch preferably an operating system that has TRIM support like Windows7 or Linux.
  2. it would be windows 7, but i guess what you're saying is just to make restore cds? i have a clean copy of windows, without any of drivers or anything like that on it, but id rather just make a restore cd with all my drivers attached so i dont have go through that again.
  3. sounds good to me. good luck!
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