Will Dual DVI with Two DVI to HDMI converter cables drive Two HDTVs?

Does anyone know if this will work? I don't know of any reason it wouldn't, but with the HDCP and different formats I want to make sure before I submit a PO for this equipment. This is for a dashboard / monitoring system at work (nothing nearly as exciting as gaming) and there will be text on the displays. I want to keep the signal digital so the text is as clear as possible. The displays run at 720p, if that matters.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. What card are you using.
  2. I'll probably be using an nVidia 8400GS
  3. Yes...It will.. I have Dual HDMI Setup with my PC using 4890. Same case with my second setup using GTX 280

    DVI0->ATI/HDMI Converter-> HDMI Cable->70Inch HDTV
    DVI1->ATI/HDMI Converter->HDMI Cable-> 24 Inch LCD Display / W Audio

    GTX 280 OC
    DVI0->BFG/HDMI Converter-> HDMI Cable->50Inch HDTV
    DVI1->BFG/HDMI Converter->HDMI Cable-> 24 Inch LCD Display / W Audio

    My LCDs and HDTVs are HDCP Compliant. I can play Blue Ray (Power DVD) on any of the display. I just drag it with the mouse.

    All links through HDMI
  4. My LCDS and HDTVS are set to 1080P
  5. Thanks everyone for letting me know this is possible!
  6. It is possible. It works on both NDVIDIA or AMD/ATI video cards. Take note that i use 4890 and GTX 280. I can't comment on performance of lower end cards.
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