Two sets of hardware, please give some feedback


This isn't exactly a homebuilt computer question, but I need some opinions on comparing two sets of hardware.

I have two systems to choose from:
- AMD Phenom X4 2.4Ghz
- 750GB 7200rmp HDD
- NVIDIA GeForce 9100 (256MB)

- Core i7-920
- 640GB (i think slower) HDD
- 512MB ATI HD 4350 Graphics card

one is cheapter, but hardware is a little outdated. i am looking for mainly productivity performance and gaming to a small degree. i will not be doing high multi-thraded stuff like video/image editing & encoding

can i get some opinions? thanks
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  1. If it was me and my money, I'd go with the i7 system. I wouldn't bother with an original Phenom setup.
  2. ^+1, the Phenom X4s aren't really worth buying. The i7 system would completely destroy the Phenom X4 system, and the graphic card would probably too. As for RAM, I doubt that 2GB is going to help much in reality.

    For you though, I'd just grab a Core i7 750 + P55 mobo + 4GB RAM + w/e graphic card + SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 500GB.
  3. The i7 build is much better, but it really depends on your usage.

    If you're not doing heavy gaming you may consider a cheaper Core Duo CPU with some overclocking. You will save much money and you can buy a more decent HDD and GPU.
  4. Based on your expected usage, the i7-920 isn't going to offer you anything. It would provide better performance if you were doing things like video editing...but you're not. For general usage & the AMD system is going to be just about as good, and it will be better at gaming.

    Are those complete systems? Do you know what motherboard comes with each setup? That could be useful information to help decide.

    For the price of the i7-920 system, you could get the AM3 (hopefully?) system and replace the processor with a newer Phenom or Athlon II.
  5. ^ It's an original Phenom, it won't be AM3.
  6. Ah, good call. I'm not very up on older processors.

    If those are full systems, I'd still consider just going with the AMD system, save the extra money, and plan on saving up some more to build a new system in a year or two.

    If it's just those parts listed, then I'm with jbakerlent, you might as well build your own system.
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