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Hello You Remember Me Im The One With The Onboard Video Disabling Problem Now Solved Just Replaced My MOBO now Everything is Fine so i want to say thanks anyway for all answers

now to my question
i want to buy anew mobo - Asus P7P55D-E
and i want to but the Intel Core I3 Processor thats supported for the socket
and i want to buy a DDR3 2GB Kingston RAM
so my question is the asus p7p55d-e supports SLI Technology and CrossfireX Technology so if i put one (Zotac Geforce 8400GS) video card and one (zotac Geforce 9500GT) video card will they both work in SLI Mode Or Video Cards Work In SLI Only Whene They Are The Same Models??
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  1. it wont work i had the same question?

    and it works out that even to modified to gpu's form Nvidia dont work together

    but in crossfire you can use 4850+4870 so Ati is better in mixing
    dont try to sli

    get one single card 5770 or 5750 or GTX260 or GTS250

    GTS 250 is a low priced card

    tell me you res so i can suggest the best
  2. another question i have Zotac Geforce 8400GS and i want to know if it supports SLI
    icheked the web site and under sli it says "sim" i have no idiea if sim is yes or no!?
    ps the sli connector is on the front where i connect the gold connectors to the pci slot but from vids isaw the sli is in the back so you connenect the sli bridge and if its in the front so how i connect it?
  3. it does support Sli

    i Dont know about the 2nd question
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