Should I mount my PSU upside down in my HAF 932?

The HAF 932 comes with holes on the bottom of the case to mount the PSU upside down. I'm assuming that people may wish to mount it this way to reduce heat traveling upward. My case holder rests about eight inches off the floor and has air holes in it, but smaller and spread more widely apart than the HAF 932's. I got rid of the HAF's feet and so the PSU will be resting against the case with about half an inch of clearance. Is it a good idea to mount the PSU upside down (fan down) in this scenario or should I be worried about the heat building up with so little clearance?
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    To be honest it will make little to no difference either way...

    With the fan facing down, you get fresh air being sucked into the PSU and out the back, allowing the PSU to run a little cooler, but the "system" a little hotter. With the fan facing up, you get the hot air in the case being sucked into the PSU and out the back allowing the "system" to run cooler, but the PSU a little hotter.
  2. ^Yep.
  3. And then keeping in mind that it's an HAF which will in all likelihood be blowing practically cooler air anyway makes thinking about which would be better thermally totally pointless.

    The only real consideration here is dust.
  4. I have the 932 and mounted the PS fan face up in the bottom of the case and have had no problems whatsoever. The case moves so much air it's always blowing cold air even after gaming for hours . I found that I couldn't mount it face down because of the guard over the fan getting in the way. and mounting it in the top of the case meant changing the fan size in the top of the case.
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  6. Thanks. I will mount it right side up.
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