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I have been having a very strange problem. I upgraded an old Pentium 4 3000mhz singe core computer some one gave me. One upgrade was a 1 terabyte sata drive. I immediately installed an antivirus after the operating system. After a few months of everything working well Everything started to slow down. websites did not load right and The antivirus would not update and when i used You Tube for awhile I got the blue screen of death. I did a restore and everything worked better for a time and this cycle went on. Eventually i had to do a fresh install but it would not work. I decided the hard drive was bad. Incidentally I have tried many antivirus non of which helped. I bought a brand new "solid state 60 gig drive and a 500gig regular drive. The regular drive overheated and i returned it to the store. they gave me a replacement but am afraid to try it. Strangely the solid state hard drive works fine. have not had a problem with it.
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  1. so after reading your description it sounds like your computer is working fine now.
  2. the problem has never been solved because i bought the solid state hard drive the same time I bought the regular hard drive which overheated again. My ssd drive is not having a problem but obviously i cannot afford a solid state hard drive that is larger so I need a regular hard drive. but it overheated. i have no obstruction and I installed it the same way the IDE drive used to be installed , right into the bay designed to hold a hard drive. and that ran for 6 years. Besides I use the solid state drive as a back up only. I have cloning software so I clone the 60 gig to a large hard drive when I figure out how to keep it running.
  3. Is the drive getting enough airflow? If it is overheating, it may be a problem with the drive itself, but it could also be that the air around it is simply too hot.
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