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i have recently assembled an HTPC that is conected to a home theater projector, Panasonic PT-AE4000.

the HTPC components are less important, but in general this is a new rig, with I5 750, Gigabyte P55m-ud2, 4gb ram, and the most important a 3D connect ATI Radeon 5770 1GB.

i have installed the lastest driver for the card.

now here's the problem:

in the catalyst control center, in one of the tabs it seems that the card identify the projector by the name and model. it sais AE4000, and even writes the general declared properties, like res - 1920x1080 and the declared refresh rate of the peojector which is 60Hz.

now when i go to the res tab, i set the res to 1920x1080, the color to 32bit but the listed refresh rates are limited till 30i Hz!

when i try to force the refresh to 60 (via the "force" botton) it applies the 60Hz but automatically reduce the res to 800x600, and whn i try to change it back to the highest, it shows only a res of 720p.

my question is how can i set a full res of 1920x1080 and a refresh rate of 60Hz?

thank you,

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  1. by the way, the card is conected to the projector with a high quality monster cable, M1000.
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