Reccomend a psu for GTX 460s in sli

Needs to run 2 gtx 460's 4GB of 1600mhz DDR3 ram and an OC 4ghz x4 965 (BE so 125w) plus leave a bit of breathing room for full load and fans etc.
I was thinking 800w but psus are probably the bit of a computer I understand the least about.
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  1. I'd say that even a 700watt would run it but just to be safe go with a 750-800 and also to future proof it a bit aswell, make sure that its a good name brand like Antec, Corsair or Seasonic, as powersupplys that come with the case are often underpowered....... I'd suggest the Antec Truepower TP-750, Corsair HX750 or the Seasonic M12D 80plus Silver 750watt, Depending on your budget.
  2. agree ^

    750 - 800 should be a minimum, if u have the funds u can get 850 and not worry about it for a long time, but 750 will do nicely as well.
    with ur config 800 - 850 sounds best
  3. Id like to keep it under £100 so can i have a linked suggestion please?,, and are all acceptable
    what about this?
    Im not trying to be smartass just not sure about 12v rails and connection stuff like that.
  5. Umm a 750w should do just fine with overclocking, you could probably get away with a 650w too. Dual GTX 460s uses about the same power and dual 5850s, maybe a bit less.
  6. Corsair HX650, best series of PSU out there imo. How much breathing room are you after, a 650watt psu would suffice but you'd be drawing a lot of power from it. Just over 400watts and a bit over 500watts while using Furmark. Power consumption would go up a fair bit if you overclock.

    Since your on a budget a 650w will do just fine, but if you can swing it a 700-750w PSU would be ideal, especially if you plan to OC the GPUs. I'd recommend Corsair for any PSU you choose. Their 700watt model is a nice buy.
  7. Cannibalsnail said:
    what about this?
    Im not trying to be smartass just not sure about 12v rails and connection stuff like that.

    That is a great PSU and a good price.
  8. fantastic. Thanks for the help guys.
  9. Yes a quality 650W will handle two 460's.
    Corsair,XFX,or Antec in modular form would be your best bet.
    Even a 700w OZC ModXtreme would be fine.
  10. Cannibalsnail,

    Yep the one that you post also good. Get more for your money too. GL™ on your build.
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