RAID 1 - 2tb and 640gb

Hi all,

I've never used RAID before, but I was interested in RAID 1. I have two drives:

Drive A - 640 gb Caviar Black
Drive B - 2 tb Caviar Green

What I want to do is create a backup (RAID1) of my Drive A onto my Drive B, and use the remaining space as a data partition.

So I want 3 partitions:
A - Drive A - 640 gb (Primary)
B - Drive B - 640 gb (Backup)
C - Drive B - 1408 gb (Misc data)

Is this possible?
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    No. This is how you calculate the size of a RAID-1 array:

    Storage Efficiency: 50% if drives of the same size are used, otherwise (Size of Smaller Drive / (Size of Smaller Drive + Size of Larger Drive) )

    So the total size of your RAID-1 array with those 2 drives would be 633.6GB.

    Your drives need to be equal size for maximum storage efficiency.
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