Delay after welcome screen, Video card?

I had a previous issue that I might have resolved but have another issue. I bought a generic Geforce 9400GT to test to see if everything is working. My computer seems to be running fine, except I have a 30-40 second delay after the welcome screen (Vista) that I never had before. Could this be the generic video card, or something more serious. Should I just wait to see what happens after I put in my new video card (Geforce 250), or should I reinstall Vista. BTW, I dont have too many programs running in my startup. This is a new issue that only came about after changing power supplies and video cards. Thanks so much for the help.
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  1. Did you do a proper removal and install of the gpu drivers when you replaced cards?
  2. I uninstalled the drivers with Device Manager and reinstalled them in safe mode.
  3. Drivers not a problem since the old card was nvidia as well. I would install the GTS250 before reinstalling Vista. If you have to reinstall try a repair install before wiping everything.
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