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Hi, I have been doing research for a while about how to connect my new gaiming pc to the internet. You see my room is too far away to run a cable to my pc so i thought a wireless adapter would work.

Apparently, there is very few ones that work with windows 7 64-bit. Every adapter I look at, some of the reviews say it is not compatible with windows 7 64-bit.

So I thought why not try an Ethernet bridge? There shouldn't be any compatibility issues with them.

The problem is I can't find any that seem stable for under $100.

So my question is if you guys have any suggestions for good Ethernet bridges
maybe i should get a wireless adapter after all
maybe I should bite the bullet and get a really long LAN cable.
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  1. An bridge does what it pretty much says, it "bridges" two connections into one. Your computer can do this if you have to LAN ports on the back. Pretty much what you are doing it taking a connection IN to one of the ports, then sending it back OUT the other one to another device, thus "bridging" the connection.

    Look into a USB wireless adapter, they are usually cheaper than the PCIe ones and are easier to install.

    If your computer is more than 300ft or 100m from the nearest switch or router, then I wouldn't even bother with a network cable. 100m is the max length before the signal starts to degrade significantly. Of course if you are within that range, and can afford to get one at the length you need, the speed will ALWAYS be faster than wireless.
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