Right speaker not working

Hi All,

I have bought a used Fox Conn mobo yesterday and installed the realtek drivers, almost all of the versions for the on board audio. But unfortunately the right speaker isn't working. I have also checked my headphones whether if the speakers have the problem. When I get the headphone's pin a little out of the line out jack I get both the speakers working but when I test the AC97 audio configuration for the right speaker it doesn't give any sound.

Kindly tell me what to do. is it the mobo or the drivers?
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  1. sounds like the a connection issue with the the audio out port (the port & mobo connection)

    test your headphones on an ipod or stereo to make sure they are not the issue.
  2. Hi, try connecting your speakers into the headphone socket, if this works then the soundcard is prob at fault.
    This happened to me, i got another sound card and problem was fixed.
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