2TB HDD is only being recognized as 875GB

Hi everyone. I have a new external WD 2TB HDD it was working fine for the first 3 weeks but I formatted it to the file system NTFS, after I did that the HDD was only being recognized in 'my computer' as a 875GB. I tried doing the quick and long format by right clicking on the HDD, this didn't work. After going into the 'computer management' I can see the HDD has been split up into six partitions.

This is a screen shot of the HDD and it's different partitions. I was wondering if it is possible to reformat the HDD back into one partition of the original 2TB :)

many thanks,
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  1. Hello Nate,
    yes you can right click on each partition one at a time and choose delete. once the entire disk is empty you can create a single Primary Partition and format it as NTFS. be advised you will lose any data on the disk when you do so.
  2. That's great. thanks very much nhasian :)
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