Is my GTX 260 slowing down my Phenom II X4 955?

Here is my setup.

Phenom II X4 955be
2x2 gskill cas 7 1333mhz ddr3
evga GTX 260 core216shader
600watt thermaltake purepower
gigabyte 890gpa motherboard

Is my GPU causing my gameplay to run slower than it should? Reason I ask is I just recently bought this new cpu and am wondering when I would need to upgrade my GPU and if I do, which should I get.
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  1. What cpu did you upgrade from ? Are you not seeing any increased fps in games ? At a certain level of cpu power the GPU is always the limiting factor. Some games do run fast/better with a quad core than a dual core. But adding eye candy and resolution increases is usually dependent on your gpu.
  2. 1. What game/resolution?
    2. clean install of drivers w/ drive sweeper?
    3. HW monitor: temperatures and voltages?
  3. I upgraded from a E5200 with 4gigs ddr2 667 ram.

    I'm using 1680x1050 resolution and I'm playing all the new games right now.

    I've noticed my performance jump tremendously when I upgraded, but I still get some lower FPS sometimes. Nothing major, but I can definitely see it.

    Yes I did a clean install of everything. Reformatted.

    My temperatures are fine. It says the GPU gets up to 79celsius during heavy gaming. I never really see it go over 80c. Voltages are all stock. Nothing is overclocked.

    For example: In farcry DX10 ultra high settings if I do max AA ( i think it's 8x or 16x i forget) my FPS is low like 25-35. But if I turn it down to 2x or 4x it jumps to around 40fps. I'm just wondering if it's my GPU or CPU
  4. Its time to try o/c that gtx 260 a little bit, You should probably be able to do a 10-15% o/c of both gpu core and memory. Which will result in about the same % improvement in FPS.
    evga makes a o/c tool. As well as MSI afterburner.
  5. The GPU will probably be your bottleneck, but at the same time, it should still be enough for most games at 1680x1050. Just OC it a little and you should be golden. Also- I wouldn't run more than 2x or 4x AA with that card- more than that is generally just a little much for a GTX260 on its own.
  6. Yeah, farcry 2 at ultra high with 4AA and 8AF would certainly slow things down a little. At those settings it's likely you're GPU is responsible for the lower bottom speed. Overclocking your GPU would certainly help. You can also of course, overclock your CPU since you do have a 955BE.
  7. That CPU would not be a bottleneck with anything slower than a 5970
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