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My friend recently built a real nice system with core i7 and just got his evga gtx 480 in today. He wants to do Nvidia 3d with a projector but also wants a resolution of 1900x1200 or 1980x1020. The minimum he'd want is 1600 resolution while doing 3d.

Is there any projector that fits the bill? I've seen some 3d ones that have a native resolution of 1020 or 800x600 but can also go all the way up to 1080i which is 1980x1020. Does this mean that 3d is only avail in the lower resolutions on that specific projector or can you also make the 1080i 3d on that projector.

Your adivice is greatly appriciated and I will award best answer with just that best answer!
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  1. The 3D rating is only for the lower resolutions; as you upscale the projector res. to beyond native, the hertz, picture quality and performance go down. In short, while the projector can go up to 1600+, it most likely will not support 3D, and if it does, will not be good quality.
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