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Hello ladies and gents, A few months ago I built myself a rig using some old parts from my old computer. My old computer was a Gateway that had the AMD Phenom X4 9600 2.3GHz. The reason I bought the new rig was because we had a power outage and it zapped my ethernet capability(didn't even think about PCI slot for ethernet). I have a gut feeling that the outage may have also zapped something in the CPU.

Speedfan readings:

CPU Usage: 1.7%

System: 35C
CPU: 38C
AUX: 31C
Core: 101C


ASRock A785GXH/128M
Phenom 9600 x4 2.3GHz
ATI Radeon HD 3600 PCIe x2
6GB DDR2 1066
320GB x2

My Everest report can be found here

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  1. that 101*C is unrealistic
  2. Yeah, thats something like 215*F, I am totally lost with this rig, I have built plenty of machines but this one has me totally confused. The thing is if I unplug the CPU fan the heatsink will get warm, if I plug it in the heatsink will be cool to the touch so one would think its being efficient. But, my fathers computer, which uses the same processor but a larger heatsink, the heatsink will just about burn your finger when you touch it but yet he can run forever without crashing doing just about anything.
  3. ur dads fan seems not to be doing its job correctly, i had that cpu in the past, and even in the tropical climate im located in, the temp was very good withthe stock cooler, but i would advise you to change ur dads fan, a heatsink experiencing good airflow should never get hot enough to burn, its suppose to be the way urs is, the 101*C is just a misreading of the sensor, this happens, i wouldnt worry about it
  4. The thing is, the misreading is causing the computer to shut down when playing things as trivial as yoville on facebook, the reading jumps from 101* to 115*, still a 14*C rise in temp.
  5. I have the same exact problem on the same exact motherboard but i have a Phenom 9850 Black Edition, I had undervolt and underclock the CPU manually in the bios to stop from overheating during regular use.

    Doing some research i have figured out that the Phenom 1 processors have a problem with the 780G based chipsets which is similar to what is in this Motherboard the 785G Chipset.


    I am going to get a Phenom II on monday so hopefully this will resolve the issue, i will post here if it doesnt fix anything.
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