Best graphics setup for under $300?

Hello, I had the HD3870 X2 running in my Core-i7 machine die on me. Now I am looking to replace it, but really only have about $300 to spend.

I prefer discrete cards, if possible, since I use Linux for work and I'm not sure about setting up SLI/Crossfire for it.

What possible <$300 solutions are best today?

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  1. I should note that the rig has two purposes - gaming in Windows and video production in Windows/Linux. I'd like to get a card today, if possible, to replace the one that is dead. PSU is a Corsair HX620W.
  2. The best $300 card available is the Radeon 5850.
    Sapphire is also a great brand.
    You could also go for 2x5770 which would be a little bit more powerful, but I don't know how crossfire + linux works out:-)
    The 4870 is more expensive, and not worth it compared to the 5770 now, and the 4890 is $210, which is a solid deal, but a 5850 is a better card, has DX11 capability and can run eyefinity. This is not to mention the fact that both the 4870 and 4890 are getting harder and harder to find.
  3. For $300? Some would recommend a 5850, but CF 4870's (or even 4890's, depending on what they are currently priced at) are probably a more powerful setup. 620W *should* be enough for those setups (although pushing it a bit...).

    The best P/P right now is probably a single 4890.
  4. An HD5850 is the perfect card for $300, and 2x HD5770 is the best crossfire setup (will offer better-than-HD5850-performance).
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