Adding RAM - What will be the effect with the RAM I've got now?

Hello guys!
I've got a question and I can't seem to find the answer.

Soo, ny computer has 3 RAM sticks of 1 GB each, running in Triple Channel. I'm having low available memory since a while and I want to buy more RAM.
The thing is, I only have one slot left. I am thinking of buying a new RAM stick of 2 GB and thus have a total 5 GB of RAM.

So my question is :
- What will happen with the triple channel i've got now if I add a 2GB stick of RAM. Will it work in triple channel between the 3 RAMs i've got and use the last one when needed? Or will the triple channel be desactivated? Or maybe double dual channel? And if it is desactivated what will happen with the performance of the computer?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

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  1. What motherboard / CPU are you using? Four slots on the motherboard doesn't sound like LGA1366 (tripple channel memory). All other platforms will use dual channel memory so they need to be installed in matching pairs.
  2. Thanks for your reply!

    So this is my Motherboard GA-EX58-UD3R --> ,
    And for now my 3 RAM sticks are on the 3 white slots but there is still a blue slot left!

    And my RAM stick are "Patriot Memory 1600EL Series DDR3-1066.

    This motherboard does support triple chanel!
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    In that case, for best results, you will want to stick with a tripple channel memory kit and replace the 3x1GB you have in there now. Something like the link below would work well.

    The blut slot is most likely there if you wanted to run in dual channel mode (installed in pairs). You COULD add one more matching 1GB module in that blue slot to get to 4GB...
  4. Okay! Thank you very much.

    Wow RAM sticks sure are cheap in the US, where I live I can't find 6GB for under 100 $!

    I did some reading in the manual (yeah should've checked that out earlier :pfff: ).

    And what I found was this :

    "When memory modules of different capacity and chips are installed, a message which
    says memory is operating in Flex Memory Mode will appear during the POST. Intel Flex
    Memory Technology offers greater flexibility to upgrade by allowing different memory sizes
    to be populated and remain in Dual/3 Channel mode/performance."

    And it also says that if I add one, like you said it will be in Dual Chanel.

    But for the sake of my wallet i'm probably going to buy one stick of 2GB. Still a poor student xD.

    Thank you! problem solved.
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