Black screen problem

I have a 64MB graphics card which is low but works for now.

The other day I plugged in a 128Mb graphics card into the appropriate slot but when I booted PC up it goes from a backlit black screen to a off black screen?

Im confused :(
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  1. We really need some more details about your computer and the cards and what/when exactly happened if we are going to help you.
  2. Yeah, we'll need the model names of the cards, motherboard, and power supply.
  3. 64Mb: Nvidia Geforce MX440, Motherboard: P4M800P7MB-RS2H and the 3rd card was unknown to me, Just that it was 128Mb AGP
  4. What about the Power supply?
    Is it possible that the 128mb card just doesn't work?
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