Hd5770, hd5830, or hd5850 for an i7-860 build????

I am building an i7-860 system soon. I am
trying to pick the best gpu for the money. I have an hd5770 in my current system and I love it!!! This new build is going to have a larger screen so I am trying to get a 256 bit gpu this time. Pretty much I just need to if the hd5850 is $60 better than the hd5830. Currently with my gaming and pc usage I rarely max out my HD5770.
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  1. The 5850 is more than $60 better than the 5830. The 5830 really is very much overpriced for its performance compared to the 5770 and 5850. I would suggest the 5850 for sure. The other option, if you don't mind dealing with crossfire, etc. would be to get 2x5770 as they will perform about equal to a 5870 for only ~$300.
  2. For you I'd probably just grab another 5770. If you barely hit your max for your GPU, no sense in a big upgrade.
  3. I guess I should have asked- Are you planning on keeping your current system intact? If you don't mind stealing the 5770, then just buying a second would be your cheapest, easiest alternative, but if you want to keep it in the other system, then it probably doesn't matter which way you go.
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