Radeon 4850x2 power problems?

I just purchased an ATI Radeon 4850x2 from NewEgg. Seems like an absolutely awesome card. But I have a problem I'm trying to resolve.

First and foremost, here's everything that pulls power in my PC currently:

Intel Core2Quad Q6700
ECS P965T-A motherboard
Coolmax 700B Modular PSU
Sapphire ATI Radeon 4850
Sony Opitarc DVDRW
Hitachi 400GB SATA
Masscool HDD 5.25 bay cooler
120mm front fan
80mm rear fan
CPU fan
4 USB powered devices

Originally, my intentions were to Crossfire my existing Radeon 4850 to the x2. I knew at for this I didn't have enough wattage from my PSU. So I just wanted to start with the 4850x2 alone for now. I hooked it up using the molex x2 to 8-pin converter that comes with the card and one of the 6-pins supplied by my PSU. I booted up the system and it just sounded weak. Like the video card was pulling to much power. The fans weren't spinning as fast and I got a CMOS error: "Warning: Have Option ROM could not be invoked (Vendor ID: 197bh; Device ID: 2361h). I looked up the vendor ID and Device ID and couldn't find anything. I tried resetting CMOS and loading fail-safes to no avail. I can get into windows with this error but when I get there I cannot see any PATA devices. If I put my other video card back in, the errors go away. So I'm trying to figure out if this is a configuration issue, power issue, or an issue with the card itself.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. The problem is molex -> 6-pin, which I believe is a very unhealthy practice.

    Use something like this for your other 6-pin.
  2. Ahh, nice. I didnt know they made something like that. I figured the problem was from the motherboard and the VGA sharing voltage rails, so this might do the trick. Thanks alot and Ill get back if this doesn't work.
  3. They're sharing the same rail!? The HD4850x2 needs to be plugged into your 12v2 rail.
  4. I'm not sure thats the whole problem shadow. It sounds like it may be more likely the actual PSU to me as it seems to be under-powering the HDD's and stuff. Its probably worth it at this point to just replace the whole PSU- at that point you could add your other 4850 and run the tri-fire as well. I would just get a goo quality PSU that will handle your ~300W of GPU (with the 4850x2+4850) as well as the rest of your system. I would guess a good 750W would be a solid choice.
    Corsair is one of the best.
  5. Sharing a rail eh? Thats not so good :-p. - anyhow- my suggestion is still the same ;-)
  6. One rail is rated at 25A, which is what he needs. The other rails can go to his CPU and his HD4850.
  7. Thats true, but I'd still get away from Coolmax and not have to worry about it. Just safer, and he wouldn't have to worry about getting the right cables etc.
  8. Well, I try the adapter for now and see how that goes. Yeah ultimately I want to get a stronger PSU so I can throw my other VGA into the mix again.
  9. Cool- hope the adapter works man!
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