Need HELP!! with new Case I ATX MB but the Case is for a micro ATX

I have this card

that I got from a friend who never used it but its just been sitting there for 4 months.

So then I got Case from newegg on sale

but its for a micro ATX and i dont want to sent it back since its nice and slim =)

so the MB fits when I took off the power supply So I want to make an external power supply. how would i go about this

this is the power supply

I also got this
SAPPHIRE 100253HDMI Radeon HD 4650 512MB
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  1. thanks guys
  2. Um that case according to specs, does not support atx board mounting, so you may have a separate issue there (ie the standoffs may be in wrong places).

    Besides that, technically, you could just leave the PSU outside the case and run the cables through empty PCI slots on the back. Don't know if they'll all fit though.

    Other way is to leave the top cover off and just run the cables out that way.

    Or you can mod the case with an opening for the cables.

    Just make sure your PSU cables are long enough for all this.
  3. You're trying the equivalent of trying to fit 15" tires on a 17" rim :)
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