How do I calculate the wattage etc for my UPS

Have just purchased and fitted 1200 va 720w UPS.All working according to info.on ups screen. I am now getting paranoid by to much reading!!

22" screen ,windows 7 ultimate, 500gb memory 4 gb hard drive ,broadband phone ,skype and usual cards etc Would you suggest that 720 w is ample.I have set it for close down after 8minutes and manufacturer says 8 -20 minutes

I am not technically minded and live up in the mountains in Spain and receive broadband and phone line by radio signal and often get power cuts

my printer is not connected through UPS

any help would be welcome
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  1. I have an APC Back-UPS XS 1300 with the APC PowerChute Personal Edition utility installed.

    What I have connected and running on this UPS is a 30" Samsung SyncMaster 305T Plus LCD monitor, my PC which has an overclocked Intel Q9550 CPU with 8GB RAM, 2 x nVidia 8800GTS 512 video cards in SLI, 4 Hard Disk Drives, DVD drive, external Altec Lansing powered speakers, DSL modem, and a router.

    The APC PowerChute Personal Edition utility is reporting a load on the battery backup of 382 Watts and an estimated battery time of 11 minutes.

    Since your configuration has a lighter electrical load than mine I think you should be fine.
  2. Thankyou ,very much appreciated and you have put my mind at rest.
    We have literally had a power cut a few seconds ago and PC and bits and bobs did not trip but turned it tv,s etc off and had to be re set but pc was perfect ok
  3. If you read information regards myself my Age is a bit worrying-I should be floating in the ether by now-about 1900 years ,whow!!!!
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