Low cost CrossFire capable AM3 mobos ??

I'm gonna be building a new rig this April ..now a lotta ppl have told me to get a core i5 2500K/2300 ..but that aside ..I'm right now looking at an AM3 socket mobo ..with CrossFire support ..I don't care about SLI ..and atleast 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM support ..6+ USB2 slots and a few USB3 slots as well ..4+ SATA slots ..and some overclocking headroom too ..I'm getting (probably) a phenom X4 945 ..unless the i5 changes ma mind ..thanks for ya time :) :) :)
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  1. ASRock 870 Extreme3. Best features for the money in my opinion... That board paired with a Phenom x4 955 BE will overclock nicely...
  2. That's a good deal. I'd jump on it. +1 to the 955 also.
  3. ok ..thanks
    I'm gonna be using this pc for gaming, image audio n. video editing, some programming maybe, media. conventions and watching movies ..
    which one would do me better ..the phenom 945+this asrock board you recommended of core I5 2500k+gigabyte p67a ud3 ??
    and which would be cheaper ..
  4. Ohh ..and uh whataya think bout the Gigabyte GA880GM USB3 ?? ..it has USB3 right ..?? can't seem to find any reviews of it ..
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