ZOTAC GTX480 and Coolermaster 690 2 Advance

Hello, I am building myself a gaming rig and I'll be using a ZOTAC GTX 480 for my graphics and I want to use a coolermaster 690 2 advance when it comes to a case, so my question is that is the graphics card compatible with the case???
If yes, then will I be able to use the system in a room with a temp of 30-35 degree centigrade???? :sweat: :sweat:
If not then any suggestions?????

Thanx in advance!!
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  1. Welcome to the forum. Whether or not the card is compatible depends on your motherboard an power supply really, but it looks like it will fit. You likely will need to fiddle with the bottom hard drive bays, but it shouldn't be too bad. Why is your computer room at nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit?? Since it already runs very hot, I wouldn't recommend it. You would need some pretty extensive cooling. I also recommend that you fill out the Build Advice form in my signature, and explain your situation.
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