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Hey all,

This isn't a major issue, but an annoying one. I've got an XFX 5830 and I have three displays rigged to it. My main monitor and HDTV work just fine, but my third display is a bit finicky. What I mean by finicky is that when I boot my computer, the monitor will be stuck in a low resolution (640x320 or something like that) and I cannot adjust it in Windows or through Catalyst. The only way I can get the monitor to go to full resolution is by yanking out the display port to VGA adapter (passive) and putting it back in. Once I do that, it works just fine in regard to going to full resolution throughout the duration of my "up time" on the computer.

I have the latest driver from ATI for the 5830 (Catalyst 10.2), but I am not sure if the driver for the 5830 is up to par like the rest of the 5800 series. Would perhaps going to Catalyst 10.3 be a solution, if perhaps, I can even do that? The display I am having issues with is an "old" Dell 17 inch (i.e. it only has a VGA port on it).

Again, it is not a major deal, but any assistance would be appreciated to deal with this pesky issue.
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    It's cuase you have a passive display port thing.
  2. I thought that you only needed an active display port adapter when going to DVI and not VGA?
  3. You use VGA, I'm not 100% sure about that.
  4. After doing a fair amount of looking around, it seems like it is hit and miss with passive display port to VGA adapters, i.e. some work good, others do not. I may try a different monitor to see if that works (probably not though). Either way, it isn't too problematic right now.
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  6. Try checking Ati's Eyefinity certified list of dongols.
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