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Could I use an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU with the Asus P5B Deluxe?

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  1. Yes. My P5B Deluxe is running a Q9650.
  2. Excellent, thank you for your quick responce.

    Would I need to update the the bios?

  3. Yes, you will need to update to the latest beta BIOS 1238.
  4. I have updated the bios and am ready to upgrade my P5B Deluxe to Q9650.
    When you did the upgrade were there any tricks to get Bios to recognize the new processor?

    For example did you need to clear CMOS and reduce RAM to one stick?

    I would like to benefit from your expereince

    Thanks :p
  5. When I first upgraded to my Q9650 from an E6300, I didn't clear the CMOS. It booted fine but the BIOS got confused. It wanted to run at the old 266 FSB instead of 333 and it wanted to run the voltage at 1.35V instead of 1.25V.

    I ended up manually setting up everything in the BIOS, but I have since cleared the CMOS and everything was detected properly with all CPU settings in the BIOS set to "auto".

    I suggest you clear the CMOS before the upgrade just in case your P5B gets confused like mine did. It's always best to start with a clean slate IMO.
  6. RW Thanks so much for taking the time to set my mind at rest.
    Based on your experience I decided to reset my Bios to default and because of the earlier 4Gig issue with RAM I removed one of my two Crucial 2Gigs DDR2 800 for the boot up.

    System POSTED and Bios showed the new processor BUT 2.4ghz initially. After I restarted it then showed 3.0ghz and win7 started fine.
    I then reinstalled the second stick of RAM and I am now back in business with the new processor showing correctly in bios and on the win7 device control .
    Thanks again for your help. It seems the 1238 version of the bios fixed the previous issues.
    BTW do you use ASUS's PROBE 2 to monitor stuff. I haven't been able to get it to install on win7/64 bit
  7. It's good to see you are up and running.

    I don't use ASUS's Probe software. When I check temps, I use either HWMonitor or SpeedFan.

    Now that I think of it, my P5B Deluxe has been the most long-lasting motherboard I've ever had. I bought it in 2006 when the original Conroe came out. It started with an E6300, 2GB RAM, and a 7600GT on WinXP.

    Over the years I've upgraded little by little and it now sits with a Q9650, 8GB RAM, SSD, and a HD6950. I was planning to replace it with Ivy Bridge, but I might keep it a while longer since it really is quite fast still and does everything I need/want it to do.

    Very good return of investment on this motherboard. I wonder how long the next one will last.
  8. Yes mine has stood up well too. :)

    Bought it in 2007 also with E6300 and 1GB RAM and the Radeon X1950 Pro graphics card.
    I used this config for video capture and editing with Adobe Premiere CS3 and the Matrox RT X2 capture card. Using XP Pro as op system.

    I recently upgraded to Adobe Prem CS5 which required Win7 and 64bit so needed to change.
    Got 8GB ram and a new video card Nvidia GTX470. E6300 was still working but a bit slow so decided to go to the max and buy the Q9650 CPU.

    All is working well and I figure I am set for a few more years until I upgrade again.

    Trick is to get a new mobo which can support an upgrade path for a line of processors.

    Thanks again for your help
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