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Quick question about routers. I just upgraded to a 50mbps line from Cox, running through my router maxes out at about 6mbps. Plugging my ethernet cable directly into the modem returns a speed of 53mbps.

What should I be looking for when I buy a new router? My current router is a Netgear prosafe VPN firewall FVS318v3 10/100 mbps, currently has 6 people hooked into it, with 2 to be leaving in the future.

I'd like to stay wired as well, but the only problem is I can't seem to find a router with more then 4 ports with the speed of 10/100/1000mbps. Am I correct in assuming that is what I need for my router to utilize my internet speed?

Thanks for any and all input you guys can supply me!
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  1. Sounds to me you're possibly comparing wireless through the router vs. wired when connected directly to the modem. If so, it's not a fair comparison. But if it's actually WIRED at the router and you’re getting 6mbps, then something's wrong. Perhaps it’s only 10mbps at the WAN port. If so, then it's far more important you get another router w/ at least 100mbps at the WAN port.

    Having Gigabit capability is nice, but even w/ 53mbps from the ISP, it’s not going to help THAT part of your connectivity. It’s only going to help LOCAL file transfers. And don’t worry about necessarily finding a router w/ Gigabit ports. You can always daisy-chain a separate Gigabit switch to any router. In fact, it’s better (when possible) to keep only Gigabit devices on the Gigabit switch as much as possible. Hang all your 10/100mbps devices off the router. You’re not likely to find routers w/ switches of the highest quality or having more than 4 ports anyway. Make your buying decisions about the router based on ROUTING and maybe wireless, not switching. A switch can be easily addressed separately and at any time subsequently. IOW, don’t bypass a superior router w/o Gigabit in favor of an inferior router just because it has Gigabit.

    Bottomline, make sure your next router supports 100mbps minimum @ the WAN port. And Gigabit is not really an issue for the Internet connection. But if you feel you need it for local/internet file transfers, fine, but only you can answer that question (I suspect you don’t really need it).

    P.S. Well by golly, I just looked up that router and it says the WAN port is 10/100mbps.

    So I don’t know as yet why only 6mbps w/ a wired connection through the router. Any chance this is NOT your router? Or you have an older model? Or perhaps it’s doing some throttling (as in QoS)?
  2. Hey thanks for your reply, yeah I'm sure thats my router. I have the router maintenance screen on the next tab. All of the computers are hooked into the router via ethernet cable, no wireless.

    I'm just mainly confused as to what I need to do or buy to maximize my new internet connection. Before I upgraded to this line, I had a lower version of Cox's highspeed and the speed test returned a 6mbps download as well. I'm obviously not using the full potential of the net, but I'm stuck paying a pretty penny for it :/

    And I'm sure Cox is going to try to charge me out of the ass to have them set up the network for me.

    Edit: Well, I was using google and someone had a pretty similar problem as mine, a poster put a link up to this,com_chart/Itemid,189/

    It appears my router is rated for 7mbps, so its bottlenecking my speed correct? I had my eye on the D-Link xtreme gaming router which is rated for 242 mbps. Thoughts?
  3. VooDizzle said:
    Edit: Well, I was using google and someone had a pretty similar problem as mine, a poster put a link up to this,com_chart/Itemid,189/

    It appears my router is rated for 7mbps, so its bottlenecking my speed correct? I had my eye on the D-Link xtreme gaming router which is rated for 242 mbps. Thoughts?

    Well that would definitely explain it. Although Netgear's website indicates 10/100mbps @ the WAN. But that's also v3. As I said before, perhaps you have an older v1 or v2 and maybe that's limited to 10mbps.

    I’ll need time to examine the D-Link option.
  4. From the netgear link "*** These apply to the FVS318v3 only" I would assume you have a previous version that doesn't have the 10/100.

    As for the D-Link xtreme router, Looks fine to me. I would check reviews on it though before buying.
  5. I assume this is what you're interested in:

    FWIW, found a detailed review as well:

    It does seem to have just about everything. Only thing it seems to be lacking is simultaneous dual-band, but it sounds like you’re all wired anyway (at least based on your current router). Seems to me the only competition is the DIR-655, which saves a few bucks (probably not an issue for a small office or business). And the DIR-655 *is* simultaneous dual-band. I’m sure both will have good traffic management and QoS. But the DIR-655 might be less cluttered (or obnoxious :) ) w/o all the gaming features. But these seem minor, I think either would work just fine.

    Only thing I wondering is whether you need/use VPN (given your current router supports it). It appears the DGL-4500 doesn’t support VPN (just VPN pass thru), while the DIR-655 appears to support VPN. For all I know you’re not using it, but I thought I’d mention it. Makes me think the DIR-655 is a bit more business-oriented than the DGL-4500.
  6. Guys, I really appreciate the help.

    eibgrad, Honestly I'm not sure if we are using the VPN feature. The router was set-up a while ago by a family friend and I didn't ask any questions because it worked fine. We aren't a small business, just have a bunch of people using the net so theres that. The DGL-4500 is about 140 dollars refurbished. Any problems with buying of those? I'll buy it new if I need to, just would like to save a few bucks if possible.
    There is my router screen, at the top it says v3 so thats what I put down.
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    Not sure where you're shopping, but it's $135 shipped (NEW!) at Newegg (highly reputable when it comes to computer equip) and Amazon:
  8. Oh cool, I was looking directly from dlink's website. Didn't even think to look at newegg. Thanks a lot man.

    Edit: As always newegg was on point with shipping. Ordered the router on the 25th at 7am, was installed by noon the next day.

    Thanks for all your help!
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