Samsung 830 SSD - Motherboard problem

I would be really grateful for some help as to how I can get my Samsung 830 SSD 256gb working properly with my motherboard. I have spend days trying to figure this out and have had no joy

I have the ASROCK ALiveDual-eSATA2 motherboard (latest bios) shown at this link:

The SATA 2 ports are controlled by the JMicron JMB363 chipset controller. This is shown under device manager in windows XP under the heading of SCSI / RAID controllers. The problem is when I go to use the Samsung Magician software (essential under XP for garbage deletion etc since XP has no Trim support)a message says "no Samsung SSD found" The only way I have got this to work is by replacing the JMicron device with a standard IDE controller and it is then fully recognised by the magician software. Unfortunately I have been unable to replace it with any AHCI controller. The other SATA ports on my motherboard are only SATA 1 and are controlled by a NVIDIA nForce3 250 south bridge chipset . Again Magician won't recognise the drive if I connect it to the NVIDIA SATA ports and again I have to remove the NVIDIA driver and replace them with a standard IDE controller. I want to know why the drive magician software won't work with the correct controllers on my motherboard? As a result I have had to resort to standard IDE controllers. As an experiment I got another drive and installed windows 7 on it. In windows 7 the SATA 2 ports controlled by the JMicron controller are listed under device manager as Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller and as such the drive is recognised by the magician software. I tried to copy the Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller driver from windows 7 over to my XP install, however when I try to replace the JMicron driver on my XP install with the standard ATI driver from windows 7 I just get the blue screen of death on reboot. Does anyone know if there are any standard AHCI Microsoft controller drivers that I can replace the JMicron with in XP (like in windows 7)?

My other problem is no matter what I do the drive is vastly underperforming. No matter if I use the JMicron controller, Standard IDE (in XP), or the Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller in Windows 7 I only get performance for read and write of about 100 Mb/S. This is a long way behind the SATA 2 speed expected. How can I improve this?

My main priority is to get this working properly in Xp (although it would be nice to see it working under any operating system) as I have some very expensive commercial hardware that only works in XP and I would really benefit from the speed that my SSD could yield in that environment.
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  1. the issue right now is most ssd and ssd software is written for intel mb chipsets.
    all i can say is try the newest drivers for your mb if that does not work look into putting your ssd on a adaptec or other newer 3 party sata controller.
  2. I already tried the newest drivers but same issue. Do you know any SSD drives and software for them that work well on non intel chipsets?

    If I got a 3rd party sata controller would that relaly be quicker than the 100 mbs I already get? As it woud have to be PCI as I don't have PCI express on the board. What sort of results would I get with a PCI SATA controller?
  3. you know what else would resolve this problem? Upgrading to an operating system with TRIM support like WIndows 7 or a Linux based OS.
  4. TRIM is not the issue as Samsung and Intel provide manual TRIM programs under XP for their drives. AS I say it is the controllers on the motherboard that are the problem as the the speed issue is still the same in windows 7
  5. Windows XP discs that have SP2 preinstalled, also include an AHCI driver, then you don't need the JMicron driver.
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