Clocks of 5870 after 5850 on the same sys

Hi guys. I got a question. Now i buying Powercolor Ati 5870. But mine earlier card on PC was Gigabyte Ati 5850 and drivers catalyst 10.2.
And before unplugging 5850 i dont uninstall drivers. when i plug 5870 the clocks will not change to value of clocks of 5850, cause the last card was this 5850 and the same drivers?
plx help

I changing to 5870 cause i got some good cash But answer me only
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  1. What are the clocks currently reading? Are you sure you aren't just seeing the power saving mode (157/300)?

    If you really think drivers are to blame, you can still uninstall/use driver sweeper to remove them and then install new drivers.
  2. What is power saving mode (157/300) ?
  3. It's basically an Idle state of the card
    When nothing graphical is needed, the card runs at 157/300 or so to save power
    Basically what the name implies
  4. I guess what I am asking is, how do you know the clocks aren't changing/are wrong?

    Or, are you asking if the clocks will be wrong (as in, you haven't installed your 5870 yet)? If that is the question, the answer is no. They will be correct, though you may want to uninstall and reinstall your drivers anyway once you get the 5870 in.
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