My Computer Won't Start Please Help.

I'm running a AMD 905e, 350 WATT PSU, MSI-G45 Mobo, 1600Mhz G-Skill DDR3 Ram. I recently bought the new mobo, ram and CPU to make a huge upgrade from my Pentium 4 HTPC. Only thing I'm using from my old HTPC is the DVD Drive, Video Card (ATI HD5450), PSU and case and Hard Drive. I threw in the new mobo and everything and when I boot it, it'll show the MSI mobo page for 3 secs then attempt to boot XP because of my old hard drive that i'm still using (Western Digital 200GB 7200RPM). It'll go to the Blue Screen of Death and thats about it. So I grabbed a Window 7 CD and booted from the CD to try and install Window 7 and basically wipe everything on the hardrive from before. It won't even start. I left it for 3 hours and it didn't even get to the Window 7 setup page. I put the hard drive in my main PC and installed window 7 on it easy and quickly with the same CD and HD. Then I threw it back in the HTPC and it'll attemp to boot window 7 and instead of going to the blue screen of death it'll just restart automatically. I know you arn't suppose to boot it in another PC but I was just checking to see if its the HD or the CD that may be the problem but it definitely isn't. I've been stressing over this for hours and the only soluition I can think of is to pay someone 100-200 dollars to diagnose it and see whats wrong but I don't want to waste that much money espically if its just a small problem I'm doing wrong. The stuff linked below is the hardware I'm using. Can someone please help. The ram says made for Intel Sandy Bridge but the sales representative told me it will run fine with the mobo.
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  1. I use maxblast 5.0, a free download, to prep hardrives. The cd comes with retail seagate or maxtor hardrives, and acts as a boot device. I would also try another power supply for your htpc. 350 watts may not be adequate for your new parts. I suggest a 450-550 watt ps from antec, corsair, enermax, seasonic, or ocz.
  2. Running the 905e CPU and 5450 GPU, they both take so little energy so I can't see why it would be the PSU that would cause this. But your right in the future i may upgrade the GPU which by then would require a better PSU. Ill try the harddrive prep and let you know if it works. Thanks
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