I am new and hope you guys can help.
I am trying to set up a real working F-16 flight simulator with separate screens for radar, HUD weapons displays and so on. I need to drive six separate displays consisting of:
1. Main view, one large 50" or bigger monitor at 1900x??
2. HUD display, a 5" VGA LCD at 800x600
3. Two radar displays same as above
4. One 3.5" VGA at 800x600 or lower for navigation display
5. One 4.8 widescreen VGA at 720x400 custom resolution for nav display also
Can it be done? HELP!!!!
Can the 5870 E6 do this? I sure hope so.
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  1. I don't think a single card can do this (please correct me if I'm wrong). I think all the displays in an Eyefinity setup need to be the same resolution. So what you're looking at is:

    1) An enthusiast class card to drive the primary monitor (or two in crossfire).
    2) An Eyefinity 6 graphics card to drive the HUD, two RADAR, and Navigation (3.5") displays @800x600
    3) A budget class card to run the secondary navigation display (4.8")

    -Wolf sends
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