Xps 450

My son tried to reformat but used the wrong CD. Used a laptop recovery.Now will not boot at all, keyboard will not work. Is there still hope to make it boot? I have a cd for WINDOW XP OS to use to reformat my problem is it will not read or boot to cd drive.
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  1. I can't go to BIos coz the keyboard will not work
  2. When I turn it on it will go to DELL blue screen and the next screen says WINDOWS ERROR RECOVERY the next lines, there is option to boot but the keyboard will not work so I can't the option to boot on safe mode/networking and so on..
  3. where can i find the cmos battery? I unplugged and remove the memory before but i did not work.
  4. ct1615 said:
    reset the BIOS by pulling the CMOS battery

    hopefully that will set your CD as the first boot device

    where can I find the CMOS battery?
  5. Found the CMO. now it says keyboard failure. Keyboard will lit up but it will just blink and then dead Screen says F1 to continue but still keyboard will not work. Pleasa help. thank you
  6. perhaps a ps/2 keyboard and not a usb keyboard?
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