Question about Samsung 830 SSD 256GB performance (512K)

I have a question regarding the performance (mostly 512 k read) of my Sasmung 830 SSD 256GB . Its partitioned to 2 partitions (for os and games). I use Rampage IV extreme with lates RSTE driver and ive compared the result of my Crystal disk mark to those from this website : . SO my 512k read is much lower than the result form the www. Can someone tell me why can this happen ? And is SSD makeing worse results if You take its free sapce to use ?My results are here : . My d partition which stats are in this screen : gets +- 250 512K write too . Is this dependant of the free space on both partitions ?
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  1. The thing is you need to align your drive to read at that alignment. Most drives use 4k alignment. Why do you want your 512k high?
  2. Hmmm. So You say its normal ? Im quite an SSD noob and i saw that this guy had higher coutns than my in that box. HE doesnt write anything about aligning the SSD ... The other boxes show good numbers but its onyl that one ...
  3. I needed to tick "Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on this device" too to get acceptable levels of write performance... Don know why but i cant edit m own posts ...
  4. Yes, that's one of the tweaks to optimize an SSD. My M4 does not have that box ticked.

    Honestly, it is quite normal.
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