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Alright, so i decided i wanted a graphic card upgrade from the 6150le on board one. So i bought an XFX Ati Radeon HD 4770. I tried installing my new card the usual way. First i disabled the on board one, since i cant uninstall and remove it. Second, i put the new card in the PCI-E slot, and attatched the 6-pin power cable. Thirdly, i plugged my monitor into the new card. I booted up my computer and recieved no signal. So i plugged it into on board display which still worked. With it plugged in directly to the computer, i got 800 x 600 resolution, so i tried downloading and installing new drivers for my card. That didnt work so i used CPUID CPU-Z to see if it recognizes my card, but it shows nothing is there. i went into dxdiag, and under the display tab, it shows i nothing. i tried the xfx drivers cd, but it gives me the "could'nt detect an xfx product". Is my card faulty or is it my computer?


ALSO : i have a bfg tech 450 watt PSU
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  1. The integrated is still set as primary display adapter in BIOS you will have to disable that and select the XFX card (or pcie slot) as primary display adapter.
    If that does not work you have a faulty card. To get back to your integrated you would have to clear cmos.
  2. i have the pci-e set as primary display adapter in my BIOS already, and still the card isnt getting detected
  3. According to your description you moved the cable over to the integrated and it still worked. If it is enabled it is the primary(it is probably running of the pcie bus). You will have to disable it.
  4. so if i disabled it in the device manager, the intergrated isnt actually disabled? Because in my BIOS, theres no actual option for me to disable the intergrated card though. and after i disabled it in the device manager, i checked the dxdiag, it no longer showed my intergrated card.
  5. In device manager you only remove the device by uninstalling the drivers, it is still there since you can not physically remove it. Do you have a tab in your bios for onboard devices? If so it should be listed there.
  6. my bios has no tab for onboard devices i tried looking everywhere
  7. What about Integrated Peripherals?
  8. well, when i go into the advance tab, theres nothing to do with my graphics card, other than the primary display adapter option
  9. and the onboard is listed there?
  10. it gives me three options, PCI, PCI-E, and Onboard. its currently set at PCI-E, but im still able to use my intergrated card as of right now
  11. That is very strange. It must mean that your XFX card is DOA since the motherboard should detect it. Since it does not detect it, it allows a secondary device to display video.
  12. DOA? yeah very strange, is there any other way to disable it?
  13. No apparently not. With those three options there the computer should go first to the pcie slot on boot up before going to th onboard. The only reason it goes to the onboard is that it does not detect any card in the slot. So there are only 2 options, the card is dead or the slot is dead since you hooked the external power to the card and the PSU should be big enough.
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