Does the new ifinity cards mean just more outputs?

I have a sapphire hd4850 connected to a 22" dvi monitor and a 17" dvi monitor.

If i upgrade to a sapphire vapor-x hd 5770 will i be able to connect my spare 20" dvi monitor (which i just got) and just use its an additional extended desktop display?

the hd5770 has

2 x Dual-Link DVI
1 x HDMI
1 x DisplayPort

may i convert the display port to a dvi port and connect a 3rd monitor?
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    Yes. you may.
  2. Excellent.
  3. Well my XFX 5770 does that. what brand are you looking at
  4. from a "sapphire hd 4850" dual slot to a "sapphire vapor-x hd 5770"

    but if your card works that way then its quite reasonable to assume that all the hd 5770's will act the same.
  5. yes i would think so and nice card choice man i think you will enjoy it.
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  7. DUDE remember, the display port to DVI adapter must be an ACTIVE Adapter for a 3rd DVI monitor !
  8. so its simply a special type of adapter, not like i need a special monitor or anything or special cable.
  9. Yes you need a special cable.

    And active adapter involves power, usually provided by a USB connector.

    Use the Search function or Google, your answer is there in about 30 seconds.
  10. Turns out an active adaptor is $100AUD which is heaps but if you take a look at this forum a displayport>vga converter is quite cheap and works.
  11. Yeah, I know.

    If you searched this forum you would've found my post pointing to the same about 4 month ago. ;)
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