Time to upgrade, need a hand!

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: asap-now,this weekend, within this month


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor or speakers, DVDRW, keyboard mouse, video card, CPU cooling solution, extra HDs for RAID, case

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:, tigerdirect, anywhere else cheaper

PARTS PREFERENCES: intel,asus,ati/amd video

OVERCLOCKING: cpu for sure, no crossfire/sli in the immeadiate future but could be a posibility
My current setup is below, dont laugh.....

Asus P5AD2 Deluxe - REPLACE
Intel P4 520 2.8GHz HT 1M 800FSB Socket 775 (oc'd 3.66Ghz) -REPLACE
Thermaltake BigWater 735 - KEEP
Kingston 1.5GB PC4200 533MHz DDR2 Memory - REPLACE
Ati HD3850 256MB-KEEP
Ultra Xconnect 500W PSU-KEEP
1280x1024 max res LCD- KEEP
2x 80GB WD HD (Raid 0) - REPLACE

Ok, I know I need a lot, my goal here is to carry over as much as possible, I've noted what I would like to keep.

Sticking with Intel

I really would like a good 1366 motherboard, but since I never inted to CF/SLI I guess I'd settle for an 1156 motherboard, not sure though. I worry about my PSU not being enough since I really want the capability to OC the CPU since I also have a water solution.

If I keep my HD3850 and my 500W PSU, would I be able to grab an i7 920 and OC? I know I'll need memory and a hard drive as well, but Im not worried about that stuff yet.

Im looking to stay under $800

You guys tell me, junk the PSU and get everything new including a new video card? The 5770s are looking pretty good these days.

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    Welcome to the forum. You won't want to keep that PSU or GPU and probably not the HDDs either in your new build. :( For your uses (gaming, everyday), and with your budget, I would recommend a Phenom II build. There is no need to get an X58 setup. An i5 750 is another option, but it may cost a bit more. Here's a complete 955 build. It comes to $739 complete with all necessary parts.

    955 + 5770







    See what you think. Also, I would consider getting a new LCD when possible.
  2. i7 920/930 goes in an x58 (socket 1366) motherboard.
    i7 860 is the hyper-threaded CPU for p55 (socket 1156) motherboards.
    for gaming an i5 750 and a p55 motherboard is as good as anything, unless you are putting two top end video cards in.

    Keeping your 3870 and buying a i7 or even i5 system would be like buying a new Corvette but keeping the 1.5L engine from your old Honda Civic. It wont run most games any faster than your existing system. If you were doing large number crunching or design applications it might make sense.

    If the graphics card you are shooting for is a 5770, then an i5/i7 is still going to be overkill.

    You might consider a system like:

    Athlon II x3 CPU ($75)
    Gigabyte 770TA-UD3 motherboard <usb3, sata3, one PCIE GPU slot> ($95)
    4GB RAM ($110)
    5770 ($170)
    Samsung F3 500GB HDD or Seagate 7200.12 500GB HDD ($55)

    You can overclock it to 3.5, might unlock the 4th core and have a pretty well balanced gaming system.
  3. The only reason to kick out the money for an i7 build is if you are intent on running a high end SLI rig on huge monitors.
    For gaming, the AMD systems listed above will do all you want to do, and more, for a very good value. If you just must have Intel, then by all means go Intel. But for the needs you are conveying, honestly, do not completely wipe AMD off your slate until you have researched what they have to offer. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  4. I like what I'm seeing guys, thanks for the fast replys!

    What would you reccomend as the BEST possible mid-range ASUS motherboard for a Phenom II?

    Is something like this too expensive?

    Do I need to worry about the stepping for OCing? Is there any performance differnece witha 965 compared to a 955?

    Im very partial to ASUS motherboards. I have no problems running AMD, its just been a while! Ahh K6 2 days.

  5. Well a very nice yet still affordable board is this one.

    For the 955, the one I linked above has the lastest C3 revision.

    The 965 just has its multiplier bumped up one over the 955. They are essentially the same silicon.
  6. Gotcha, would you recommend a 6 GB/s HD for a few bucks more?

    Also, will I be ok with the onboard video and a hybrid crossfire setup? I've never had more then 1 GPU.
  7. I wouldn't pay extra for a 6Gb/s mechanical drive, because they aren't bandwidth hindered. I would just run the 5770 with no hybrid crossfire.
  8. Hybrid crossfire would only be useful if you had a really weak (non-gaming) GPU. The 5770 is strong enough hybrid crossfire will probably slow it down.
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