Need Help - Will this motherboard run this video card?


I recently had a card die.
BFG 8800 is in the coffin.
A friend suggested I just get a BFG 1GB 250 GTS

I am wondering if my board will run it
I found the pages with info but its a bit confusing to me if it can work in it

I have a 750 w power supply

My board is
Gigabyte GA p 35 ds3l s3l

The card requirment are

System Requirements
> 1GB of system memory
> CD or DVD-ROM drive
> 100MB of available hard disk drive space for basic driver installation
> Microsoft® Windows Vista™ or XP operating system (Windows Vista™ required 3-Way NVIDIA SLI®)
> PCI Express® or PCI Express® 2.0-compliant system motherboard with one vacant PCI Express® x16 slot
> One vacant add-in card slot below the PCI Express® x16 slot. This graphics card physically occupies two slots
> 450W PCI Express®-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 24A or more (Minimum system power requirement based on a PC configured with an Intel Core®2 Duo E6750 processor)
> One 6-pin PCI Express® supplementary power connector -or- Two 4-pin perhiperal supplementary power connectors
> NOTE: For the power requirements of multiple GeForce® GTS 250-based graph
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  1. Yes I will run the card. My son have the same motherboard and have an HD4770 running fine.
    But before you decide to buy the BFG 1GB 250 GTS, tell us the following:
    1. what is the main purpose of your PC. Is it gaming or just browsing etc?
    2. What CPU do you have?
    3. And what is the resolution of your monitor?
  2. If the BFG 8800 worked fine so will the 250GTS only thing required is a proper PSU, since you already have a 750Watts PSU. I don't think that should be a problem, just check for compatible power socket on the PSU and the 250GTS.
    That means your PSU has to have a 6pin power output or than you will have to have 2X 4 pin molex connectors free to be able to hook up the power converter cable.
    "Dual 4-pin peripheral to single 6-pin PCI Express® power adapter"
  3. The PC is for gaming
    Thank you for the info
  4. if you can run the 8800GT, you can run the GTS 250
  5. So do I just put it in the same way I Took the old one out?
    Into the same Pci slot and re hook up the 6 pin power?
    Then install the cd?
  6. Yup, that exactly how. But first boot into safe mode after you have put in the new card.
    Then reboot later into normal mode if everything goes off fine.
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